Pride & Prejudice Ball ~ Winnipeg; FAQ

For more information read the FAQ below
and / or, contact Lady Jane.


Q:  Do I need to bring a dance partner to the classes or to the Ball?  May I attend the lessons and Ball solo or with a friend?
A:  No, you do not need to come with a dance partner.  The style of dance we will do is called English Country Dance and is not the same as Ballrooom Dancing.   Many people choose to attend the Ball on their own, and couples of all descriptions are welcome.

Q:  Are Dance Lessons mandatory?
A:   Dance lessons are not mandatory, but they are one of the most wonderful parts of this event as they are where your community connects and grows!  They are strongly recommended if you have never done this kind of dance before, and are recommended anyway as a means to refresh your memory of the dances and socialize with your fellow ball-goers.  Register for the dance lessons by purchasing the “Dance Lessons” ticket(s) in addition to your ball ticket.  Lessons take place on the Sunday afternoons listed from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. (Sign in at 1:15 pm).

Q:  I’ve never danced before.  Are the dances difficult to learn and do?
A:  You do not need to have any kind of dance experience.  Guests of all walks of life report that these dances are very accessible and easier than they thought.  If you can walk briskly and count, you can take part in these dances.  Also, there will be plenty of dancing throughout the evening, so you can always sit one out for a rest.  Seating will be provided throughout the Ballroom.

Q:  I don’t have anything to wear.  How can I find an outfit?
A:  You have a few options.  You can make something from a pattern or have something made for you, you can alter or repurpose an already existing garment, or you can rent an outfit.

Q:  I want to put together my own outfit for the Ball, but I don’t know anything about what I need!  Where to I start?
A:  Click HERE for details on “How to Dress for a Regency Ball.”  You’ll find information and all kinds of resources such as pictures, patterns, fabric, clothing hacks, footwear, hairstyles, and accessories.

Q:  I want to rent a Regency Era ensemble.  Where do I go?
A:  Harlequin Costume is a great resource for the Ball.  They have limited Regency / Napoleonic / Colonial era clothing for both Men and Women.  They also have a tuxedo rental department if you’d like to wear a modern suit, and kilt rentals if you’d like to wear Scottish garments.  Historical Army and Naval uniforms are a great option for men, and can sometimes be more readily acquired than civilian dress.  Please note that Ladies are welcome to come in gentlemen’s dress, and vice versa, should they choose.

Q:  Once I have my Regency ensemble, will I ever be able to wear it again?
A:  Yes!  Lady Jane Productions intends to make this Ball an annual event, as well as create other opportunities to dress up and “Live in History“, so there will be plenty of occasions to wear your ensemble.

Q:  I don’t have any accessories like gloves and stockings.  Where can I get these specialty items?
A:  LJP will connect you with the resources to acquire these items, as both are easily acquired online.  You can also look for gloves at vintage clothing stores, or in your grandmother’s closet!  LJP will place an order for socks, so these will be availble for purchase at the dance classes.

Q:  What kinds of shoes should I wear?
A:  Flat shoes or shoes with less than 1″ heels.  High heels were not worn at this time, and can be less-than-practical when dancing.

Q:  Will there be food at the event?  If yes, will my dietary restrictions be consisdered?
A:  Yes, there will be limited food at the Ball.  Syllabub will be provided (a frothy Regency drink) and hors d’ouvres will be circulated throughout the evening.  Please contact the organizer to let us know about any severe allergies (it is your reponsibility to contact us).  All dietary requirements can be accommodated with adequate notice.  Additionally, please speak with the serving staff to inquire about ingredients if you have allergy concerns.

Q:  I’d like to have supper before the Ball.  Is there a restaurant on site?
A:  Yes, the Palm Lounge will be available for dining all evening.

Q:  Will there be a Bar at this event?
A:  Yes, there will be a cash bar in the Ballroom, and the Palm Lounge is also available for Bar service just outside the Ballroom.

Q:  Is there an age minimum to attend?
A:  There is no formal age minimum, but we recommend that guests be at least 14 years of age, and minors must be accompanied by an adult, preferrably a parent, but older sibblings or guardians may also supervise. The Ball is not suitable for young children, though it is possible that a very keen and well-behaved 12 or 13 year old, accompanied by an attentive adult, would do very well.

Q:  I would really like to have pictures of the event.  Is Photography permitted?
A:  There will be a professional photographer capturing the event, and taking portrait photographs of all guests.  This service is included in the ticket price. You will be able to download these at no additional cost after the event.  Please note that the use of cell phones and cameras is NOT PERMITTED in the ballroom itself, but may be used anywhere else in the hotel.  This is to ensure that the illusion of stepping into the past is maintained in the Ballroom.