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Lady Jane Productions
Living History Events

Upcoming events:

At Home with Jane Austen: A Regency Dinner Party:  December 16, 2018
Fort Garry Hotel – Broadway Room; Winnipeg, MB
6:30 – 10:00 pm
Click here for Tickets!

The Pride & Prejudice Ball Winnipeg:  June 1, 2019
at the Fort Garry Hotel – Provencher Room; Winnipeg, MB
Watch here for ticket announcement in 2019


What is English Country Dance?

Click HERE for detailed instructions and Tutorials


How do I dress for a Regency Event?

Click HERE for Resources!

Click HERE for information on patterns, and options to create your very own Regency Wardrobe!



Lady Jane Productions (LJP) ~ Building Community through the Arts.

LJP is passionate about organizing Living History Events that are artistic in nature and that promote well-being!

When we come together to enjoy shared experiences, we develop our own interests, build relationships, and have fun.  Whether we seek further knowledge, experiences, companionship, or enjoyment, what we seek might be just around the corner.  Come LIVE IN HISTORY with Lady Jane Productions.

Please be sure to check back to see what new events are in production and underway.  For more information, please check the event listing or the about page.

Use the Hashtag #LiveInHistory when posting on Social Media!


Lady Jane

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