Pride & Prejudice Summer Promenade and Picnic

Lady Jane Productions as been presenting Pride & Prejudice-inspired Summer Promenade and Picnics since 2015.  

2018 – In Winnipeg at Assiniboine Park

2017 – In Edmonton on the grounds of the Edmonton Legislative Building

2015, and 2016 – In the St. Albert Botanic Park, St. Albert, Alberta

Look for details about the next promenade taking place in Winnipeg in August, 2019

Regency Era (à la Pride & Prejudice) costume is enthusiastically encouraged!
(See below for more info.)
Alternately, wear your favourite Garden Party Attire.

About Regency Era Costume:
For an outdoor Regency Era Summer Promenade, there are a few recommended items.
1.  A Parasol or Umbrella; this is to protect our precious complextions from getting ruddy!
2.  A Bonnet or Top Hat; a bonnet or hat with a brim offers further protection from the sun.
3.  Wrist-length Gloves would have been worn when outside (likely white/creme coloured).

Regency Promenade dress would typically consist of:
For Ladies:  Varying from a simple (usually cotton or other natural fibre) to more elaborate empire-waisted dresses usually with long sleeves (short or elbow length examples exist), and was often worn with a “Spencer Jacket“, “Pelisse“, or shawl.  Other accessories include flat shoes and a Reticule.
For Gentlemen:
Top Hat (or straw option), cotton chemise and cravat, vest, tailcoat (lighter Summer Fabrics), breeches or trousers, stockings, and oxford-style shoes or riding boots.

For our Summer Promenade, be prepared for warm weather.
Here’s more Regency costume inspiration.

If you would like a custom-made outfit, if you would like to inquire about renting a costume, or for assistance in sourcing any items, please contact Lady Jane Productions.

Photo credit:  Nanc Price Photography