Lady Jane’s Adventures in Regency Cooking

At LJP, we’re very interested in Regency Era Cooking.

My goal will be to try some Regency Era dishes, and post my results, hopefully on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  This is all research toward putting on a Regency / Georgian Era Dinner early next year in 2016.

I’ve seen a lot of very interesting programs about Regency Dining (what would I do without the BBC?), such as The Supersizers Go Regency (which is very funny and informative!), and, while I don’t plan to serve anything that might be served at an Inn for Nuncheon (you have to watch the show to get that one), I am interested in how all these quintessential Regency dishes taste.  Like Mutton, for example, and Flummery, because…Flummery!  And things made out of Flummery, like Eggs in a Nest and a Solomon’s Temple.  Yes, it’s the weird and wacky world of historic cuisine, made for the 21st Century palate.  Should be interesting.
At any rate…stay tuned!

Lady Jane

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